I am Danish and have lived in London since 2005. My studio is in Camberwell, South London

I work with abstract sculptural form.

I am interested in the way one defines and comprehends space through physical form. My shapes can represent an idea of a captured movement, as a flowing form stretching or curling around itself, or the idea can derive from repeated natural forms or even complex mathematical constructions. Different form expressions appeal to me and results in my continuous exploration with many different variations: soft but precise curves, sharp edges, concave surfaces shifting to convex; the discovery and strength of an inner or negative space. I am intrigued by the idea of a continuous surface, for example with one connected edge running through an entire form.

I work with the idea of a composition in three dimensions, seeking balance and harmony. The finished form should have energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of purpose.

The form is emphasized by a monochrome matt surface and I find that strong colour builds further importance, strength and energy. My work is hand built in coiling technique in stoneware clay, and mainly unsuitable for outdoor display.

Studio portrait of Merete