Convolved Form II, bronze, unique 45x24x30 cm
Convolved Form II, bronze, unique 45x24x30 cm
Blue triple twisted loop, ceramics 45x55x60 cm
Yellow loop; ceramics, 60x50x50 cm
Perpetual Red, painted bronze, 146x138x130 cm. Courtesy of Pangolin London
Morphogenesis, ceramics 90x240x40 cm
Blue loop, ceramics; 60x50x40 cm
Red form; ceramics 80x80x55 cm. V&A collection
Lime green loop, wall mounted, 50x55x25 cm
Sterling silver bracelets. Courtesy of Pangolin London
Blue Form, wall mounted ceramics; 90x70x40 cm
Yellow Form, ceramics 75x90x60 cm
Red form, ceramics 50x40x50 cm
Turquoise loop, ceramics; 50x50x40 cm
Orange Form, ceramics; 90x80x90 cm
Solo show - courtesy of Pangolin London
Grey Form, ceramics 60x55x50 cm, Photographer: Michael Harvey
Public commission Torquay, UK. Bronze with blue patina, 130x130x90 cm.